Fresh start at 28, seeking some world famous Reddit advice?

TLDR; another lazy millennial/gen z that wants a fluffy WFH job and to be happy and live in a converted Sprinter van

I’m at a crossroads in my “professional” life and need some advice

Here’s the complete story:

I’m 28, live in Ontario and I have completed no education after I graduated high school.

Right away I got into construction, starting with a laborer position – bought a car and a house – didn’t like it and moved into more clerical/inventory/warehouse management, then transitioned into a service manager/invoicing sort of position all with the same company.

After 5 years I realized I didn’t want to work there anymore, and didn’t want to be in that industry. I quit and got a job at a local auto shop as a mechanic helper (planning to do an apprenticeship) and again realized shortly after that I didn’t want to do that either, and fell into the same service manager, customer service, invoicing and shop management sort of role for another 5 years, which brings me to the last half a year or so.

I had planned on leaving my job (even gave my boss 6 months notice to hire and train a replacement), not sure what I would do, just thinking something less customer service/face to face (hate being the one to hand people thousand dollar repair invoices, telling mechanics to hurry up, etc.)

Before I could actually quit, I had a back injury outside of work – not able to walk or even stand for weeks, let alone go to work and help techs, lift brake rotors, etc.

So now I’ve been unemployed for the last 30 days (for the first time since high school) and need to re direct my career, but don’t know exactly where to go.

Over the last 10 years I’ve had a few “ideas”: I did 2 semesters of an accounting diploma online while working 55hrs/week, before burning out and dropping out, I thought maybe banking/finance, had the idea of buying a small (local) coffee shop or something to run, I was a whiz coding (Java, in 2013…) nothing has really stuck though.

At this point I’m fairly recovered, to the point I can walk and bend and what not, but I’m not yet going to chance a job with heavy physical labour just yet, frankly I want to work from home.

I’ve applied to 100 remote accounting jobs – some entry level and some that I just plain don’t have enough experience for, entry level insurance brokers, data entry clerks, etc.

I haven’t had any luck as of yet, I guess I’m part of the “millenial” or “gen z” crowd that doesn’t want the traditional lifestyle, I don’t want to go to work 40-50 hours a week to pay for a mortgage for a house that I come home, cook, clean and never get to enjoy, I want something else – hence looking at remote work, -but I’m not qualified to do anything remotely (I really don’t want to be an inbound call center rep for 8hrs a day in my living room either)

I know, I know I’m being picky or unreasonable, just get a job… I’m just looking for some friendly advice, suggestions, tips or someone to relate with.

Be gentle

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