How do I professionally ask for time off after working by myself for over a month?

So some context, I work at a veterinary clinic as a receptionist. I have been working by myself for over a month as the only receptionist, 37 days specifically. 4 days alone a week with a technician covering the one day I’m off each week. We just hired someone last week and they started today. That’s fine. I asked for time off around Christmas, for 2 full weeks. 14 days total, only 8 of which I would normally work. My boss told me straight from her text “Definitely can’t have you out for 2 weeks. And there’s going to have to be a seniority thing also for holidays. “

By reasoning of seniority, I am the senior in my department of our clinic. Technicians can do my job, but I cannot do theirs. Most technicians are senior to me except one. And the doctors and office manager of course are senior to everyone. Now that we have another receptionist and time to train her before she would be alone, she is least seniority. I over all am the 3rd newest in our clinic, I started at the end of July. I totally get that it may not be a cool thing but this will be the first time I’m seeing family for Christmas in 4 years. So I’m pretty bummed but want to professionally speak to my office manager/boss about this. I’m really upset that it was fine that I was working alone for over a month up to this point running me into the ground. But now they can’t let me have 2 weeks, only 8 days total they would need to find some arrangement.

How do I go about this professionally? Or should I reasonably expect that I’m not getting time off and if I want the time i need to find another job?

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