Should I talk to manager A about manager B being abusive?

Manager B is not very likeable, and I’ve heard from a few people that they would never work for him. Manager B sent this email in a bad tone (words in red, bold, underlines, etc) to a group of people, myself included… and some time later he “apologizes” saying that manager A (more senior, and way more likeable than B) corrected him on using the red color and everything.

I felt inclined to have a private conversation with manager A about B – I’ve seen a couple of other bad behaviors (from B) that are just abusive, unprofessional and made people uncomfortable. Could this back fire on me? If I ask mgr. A to remain anonymous, would him honor that? or should I just stay quiet? My goal is to create a better work environment, and make A aware of other things that B does.

Wanted to hear some perspective on this, thanks!

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