Can anyone give guidance for a Hempcreter/Carpenter wanting to pivot into a white collar role?

Hey There

I am based in Melbourne, Australia. So I know that advice from America might not be too applicable for me. But anyhow, here is my story:

I have around eight years carpentry and joinery experience and I now run a successful Hempcrete contracting business. I have had an idea for a while about possibly studying Building Design part time with a view to slowly migrate into that without throwing my current lucrative business away.

The reasons I’m wanting a change/What I actually desire:

\-Hempcrete will become automated/panellised

\-I’ll get too old and slow down onsite

\-I want a job where i can be at home with my family (when I make one) instead of travelling long distances

\-I have a good self taught knowledge of building science and have positioned myself quite well as a Hempcrete Expert in my region, I feel like I could somehow capitalise on this moreso???

Issues with building Design:

\- I’m not a natural designer (I understand buildings well so would pick up the technical aspect fast)

\- I love leading a team, doing group problem solving. Will I just be at home working alone?

\-Do they not earn much money? I would specialize in Hempcrete homes and so would have a good niche


\-Some kind of green building consultant, which certificiations would I need?

\-Construction project manager. They are overworked from what I’ve seen

\-Any job where there is a good portion of WFH, autonomy, group problem solving, consulting, sharing knowledge about the green construction industry.

Thanks in advance.

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