Is this too desperate? Emailing both the HM and Recruiter

Hi all –

Had my final in person interview last Thursday (one week ago). Important context: the interview was not a formal interview but more of a meet and greet and tour of the office. Zero interview questions were asked and the hiring manager very much had the verbiage of “you’d be working on this, working here… etc”

I could easily be cocky here and I came away from it thinking I’m a shoe in… the hiring manager said they’d move fast and let me know by midweek….

Thus my surprised fear and naiveness strikes as it is now past mid-week.

I sent a nice follow up email last night directly to the hiring manager asking if he’d be able to provide an update. Figured he’d have the courtesy to respond today. NOTHING…. Now my fear and seriously confused thoughts of maybe I didn’t get the job is in full gear… now I just want an answer regardless.

I’m debating on emailing a similar follow up email to the recruiter who helped coordinate my meetings in hopes that she’d give it to me straight. Would YOU do this or does this scream desperate?

Thanks all

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