My coworker treats me and others like absolute trash, what do I do?

So I love my job, it is wonderful. However, I have a coworker (A) who treats me like shit. She is condescending, and if I ask her a question and I’m wrong, she treats me like I am the dumbest person on the planet. Also, if I ask her for help because I’m not sure what to do, she literally pushes me to the side, and does it herself without explaining what she is doing.

She is our office manager/team leader, so I am supposed to go to her for help, but it is hard to do that when she talks to me like I am a stupid child and won’t actually teach and help. One of the more recent hires came to me almost in tears because A has been treating her awfully, but absolutely ADORES any new hire with past experience in our field.
I have tried to confront A about this but she just changes the subject and doesn’t stop being like this.

Do I go to the boss now? Do I try and talk to her again? Do I tell her to quit being rude to me or I will go to her superior? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TYIA!

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