My manager has only given me negative feedback, but my year of employment is here. Can I still ask for a raise? [CA]

So, my manager essentially sucks. I’ve been in my new position for 7 months and have recorded 2 instances where I’ve received a ‘good job’. Other than that, I pretty much just receive negative feedback. She told me she’d give me a 7 out of 10 on my job performance.

BUT I haven’t been given any helpful feedback either. It’s simply ‘you need to slow down’ or other vague things that doesn’t really help me. I’ve asked for positive feedback or more concrete feedback and nothing.

I also know that I’m NOT sucking at my job. I am producing my work well and the client-facing products are done to what is expected without flaws (90% of the time).

It’s my year anniversary this month but I feel like I can’t ask for a raise at all cause my managers been so hard on me. I know I should still try cause why not but… any advice?

How should I word my proposal for a raise? Based on inflation? Since she doesn’t see my job performance as emaculate?

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