Should I continue to work this job while being mistreated?

A brief prologue of my current job: I’ve been working at a self storage facility for two and a half years. I’m an employee, the manager, let’s call him Dick, also works at the office part-time. The Owner, we’ll call him Charles, and his assistant, I’ll refer to her as Nichole, they are part of a real estate company, self storage is just one of their many properties, they work in an office about an hour away.

Story time: This year we went from having two self storage locations local to our home office, in May the owner acquired a third location two hours away. A fourth location was acquired in September, that one is three hours away.

Having our work load doubled has caused everyone stress. When location #3 was acquired, I asked for more hours to help keep business running smoothly. My manager, was strongly against this! Anytime I asked, he told me no and wouldn’t give a reason. I had the opportunity to ask Nichole, and without hesitating she granted me extra hours. Dick was super mad about this. I even found a deleted email from him to Nichole and Charles where he told them I was lazy.

It seemed that Nichole and Charles took my side. I got extra hours, I was praised regularly by Nichole for my excellent job performance, and the workload was bearable. Dick continued to take his anger out on me by pointing out all the petty little things I did wrong. I told Nichole, and she told me to brush off his negativity.

I tried. I felt torn being told to do something by Dick and then Nichole telling me to do something different. However, Nichole overrides Dick.

I had to take a leave in September for surgery, right as they got location #4. I came back a few weeks ago and that location is a mess! Some of the tenants still don’t know that we bought that location. There are a ton of delinquents, unpaid rent, and various other problems to sort out.

Another mess is that I’m having an influx of people calling or walking into the office to complain about Dick. The common complaint is that he is verbally rude. I do my best to smooth things over, apologize for their experience, and take notes on who has complained about Dick and for what reason.

I’m used to Dick’s rudeness, and now he’s driving away customers. His latest tirade today was telling me that Nichole told Dick to tell me never to contact her, that I only need to contact him. I smell BS, and this wouldn’t be the first time he’s lied. When I told him that I have no recollection of ever being told not to communicate with Nichole, and that I even checked my notes, he told me to stop making personal work notes. That he should be the one making notes about me and not the other way around. Hmm. I told him my personal work notes are on my personal phone, notes about phone discussions or work I need to do. Again, he told me to stop making notes and that raises a red flag for me.

He also told me I do not have permission to work outside my normal work hours, I usually leave 15 minutes late because I’m wrapping things up and might get a phone call or a walk in. I asked if he’d rather I leave loose ends and he said yes, just work your hours. Hmm, is he asking for malicious compliance? If so, he’d be the one to deal with unread emails, voicemails, and payments in the mail.

I am repeatedly at the end of my rope dealing with Dick. Every conversation leaves me with anxiety. However, Nichole and Charles are great to work with, they always reassure me that I’m doing a great job.

Fun side note, Dick knows that he can’t fire me. And he knows that I know that.

I would like to continue to work at this job, I enjoy the customer service. But Dick is constantly getting on my case and putting me down at any chance.


This is only a small part of the chronicles of a self storage employee trying to do her best despite a terrible manager.

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