Electrical to Finance?

Hi everybody,
I’ve been thinking of a career change for some time now and would appreciate a few opinions on my situation…

Currently I work as a Journeyworker Electrician with a fairly large union company, grossing about 110k a year on a 40hr work week. I’m 25 years old and have been involved with the industry since I was 18 ( 1 year tech school, and a 5 year paid apprenticeship).

While the benefits are good, the extreme stress of running jobs, ***hole customers, long commutes, unpredictable schedules and incompetent upper management is beginning to take a toll on me. Not to mention the physical nature of the work (some coworkers of mine are only 40 with multiple back/knee surgeries) The pay is also capped once you reach the licensing status I’m currently at, which really sucks. Doesn’t matter if you bust your ass or are a lazy piece of shit , everybody gets paid the same.

I’ve been thinking of becoming a financial advisor (or something else related to the financial industry) for awhile now. Seeing what kind of compensation and work-life balance it’s provided some of the customers I work with, and my relatives (some are advisors/brokers) makes me want to pursue a career in this industry instead. I do have a close family member who’s a director at a large firm who said he could probably land me a entry level position as an advisor…. The thought of being able to be compensated for as much as I want to work is very enticing to me.

– Do I stick it out in the electrical field for awhile and open my own company? (Really can’t see myself working for the union forever)
– Do I take the leap and get involved in the world of finance?

Any input on what you would do in my situation would be greatly appreciated.

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