Free mentor/coaching recommendations?

Hi all,

I’ve been in my first career role as a Data Analyst for a little over two years.

I am looking to move up in salary and as such will need to move to a bigger company as I am essentially a one-man department right now and there is no senior analyst role available.

I have researched how to attain the skill sets needed to move up but having seen so many different paths that I would really appreciate having a 30-45 min conversation with someone who has experience in the role I want to get into.

Are there any websites that connect people like me to a mentor that are not trying to hook me into some long-term paid relationship? I have previously met up with people via LinkedIn when I was still in college but I was pursuing a different path at that time so that information is no longer relevant. I can try that again but looking for easier avenues than LinkedIn as I don’t want to burn any bridges professionally by bothering people.

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