How to cover up a longer period of unemployment after graduation?

Hi people,

I have a question.

I gradudated around february this year but unfortunately had an accident and needed complicated surgeries. Apart from that I also had specific “mental health issues” that had to be treated. I’m doing much better now, however need some time (2-3 months) to get myself prepared for the job market. I am really worried about that “unemployed” time on my cv. Furthermore, I do not really want to talk about health issues with HR people – as unfortunately – in my country, within the field of finance this is seen as an “excuese”. So yeah, do you have any idea on how I could “cover-up” this time? If you need further input: I am a Finance Grad (M.Sc.), my masters took me a while (almost 6 years). I studied at avery good university and do have very good grades. The applications I sent out so far were met with immediate invitations. Unfortunately I was in no shape to tackle the last rounds…


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