Is It Time To Move On From My Company?

I’m in a situation where I’ve been in a media sales role with my current company just under 15 years. I’ve had a few different sales roles, never in management with a lot of success as a top performer. I feel like my success here is starting to take a downward direction. My biggest account of the past few years up and left us for another agency and my current book of business is spending less. I’m in an outside sales/work from home role and due to the pandemic there are no plans really for us to be forced back to the office. I’ve pretty much had the same manager, or those under the same VP, since I’ve been hired. There’s familiarity there and a comfort knowing that my manager my have my back since I’ve been here so long. It seems though I will forever be one of the grunts in the group. I rarely am ever sent leads or agency business. I’m left to cold call for new business. I also see the red flags in our company. Lay-offs, poor earnings and all of that. I’m not sure if fear of the unknown is holding me back or I’m being smart by staying put during these difficult times. I’ve seen sales reps come and go here, quite quickly as of late. It makes me worry that I’ll be the first one on, first one out somewhere else. Thoughts?

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