What should I do if I was told to expect a 1% raise or less?


So yesterday I decided that it was time to negoiate my raise due to multiple factors. I have been taking on new job responsibilities that are outside of my current job description. I am currently running a program from another department. I got a certificationthat my job required me that costed me over 2k and got no reimbursement or assistance. I have been hitting beyond management expectations and they are super happy.

So when I decided to ask for my negotiated amount that I wanted I got shot down. I was told that corporate determines the raises and unfortunately there is nothing they can do. I was told by my boss that he has never seen a 2% pay raise in the last 15 years he has been at the company. Most of his raises have been less then 1% and highest he has ever got was 1%.

I was told the best I can hope for is that I am given a nice bonus with my raise. However, about 50% of that will be taxed and won’t see much of it anyways.

I understand corporate dictates the raises….however, do I really have no room for negotiations? If I don’t get a decent pay raise I am essentially losing money due to inflation and premium increases.

What is everybody’s advice here?

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