Advice for someone with no official career?

I’m a 25 year old male who lives with his parents. I have a psychology degree from a liberal arts school and am working two part time jobs (math tutor and seasonal retail). I make less than 400 dollars a week. Come January I will be off my parents insurance. How do I find any job that allows me live? I have dysautonomia and pots so working outside is difficult and I’m only 115 pounds so I can’t lift anything very heavy. I’ve applied to jobs for just about anything requiring a degree(200+). My parents are unsupportive of me going to grad school due to the lack of good health insurance and because I dropped out of teaching masters program ( I hated teaching and worked 100 hours a week). Are there any resources available for budgeting and can anyone offer any advice about moving forward. Most of my weekly budget is spent for therapy for depression. Thank you for all your help. Ideally I’d like a desk job working with numbers but I don’t know if my prerequisites qualify for any. I also have no networking resources.

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