Getting promoted for less money?


I work as a welder and get paid per piece. On average, I make around $40/hr, sometimes more. Yesterday my supervisor approched me and askes me if I want to be the supervisor for the evening shift. Basically, I get paid per hour for every time I am not welding. If I am not mistaken, supervisors here make $32-$33/hr. Financially it doesnt make any sense. My supervisor, who used to be a welder by the way used to make the same amount I am making. But yesterday he told is he worked 8 hours supervising. Which means he is making less than he used to.

On the other hand, I keep on thinking about the future and how a supervisor roll would be a good addition to my CV, at the same time learning management skills which might be my gateway to managerial positions in the future, here or another company.

Right now I dont want to accept the roll because it sounds like more responsibilities for less pay.

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