How do I start looking for career rather than just work?

Hi all, I’m posting here in hopes someone can give me some guidance.

I left sixth form with no qualifications to start working as the weekly pay checks seemed a lot better than being miserable in education. I’ve always been able to find myself some form of employment over the years but they’ve all been dead end jobs, just manual labour minimum wage with no chances to grow. I’m tired of it and want to start working towards something I can actually feel good about doing.

The problem I find is I have no idea what I’m passionate about (and can gain employment for) or how to even start searching. Id love to be able to keep trying a new job every week or two until I could find something I enjoy, but I doubt that’s an option.

Id be open to going back to education but again, I don’t know where to start and don’t want to get into something I end up feeling dispassionate about. I’m sorry if this just seems like complaining but I feel clueless.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

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