I (32F) have been attempting to switch careers for 5 years with no luck. What’s next for me?

I have not successfully switched careers YET! (LOL) This has been the most defeating thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Trying to navigate the career switch/search process is extremely confusing. What my experience has shown me is that on the job, real direct experience is what matters most. Because I’ve been both told I’m over qualified and under qualified for the same job titles. I’ve been working professionally for 8 years, as a high school counselor. I have exceptional communication skills, I use the same tech as any corporation, and I’m extremely resourceful for project management because we have 0 resources provided. That being said it’s still within education and working with youth. From my experience, this isn’t valued as experience for anything outside of public school education.

My journey has taken me down the road of tech management, where I learned Agile methodolies and got certified as a Scrum Master. I applied for two years with no luck, couldn’t make the switch. I got interviews, but because I had no tech experience I couldn’t land the job.

Then, right before the pandemic I found a LinkedIn group for teachers making the switch into Learning and Design. I found a connection here, these people are like me! As it turns out, many others felt the same. But as I was completing a second masters in Instructional Design
… The pandemic only accelerated more and more teachers leaving to the flood the field of L & D. After another two years of applying for ID and L & D related jobs, I’ve had no luck. Literally can’t even land an interview.

As a counselor I speak with youths about careers and career paths daily. It’s so fun to search for careers and learn what’s out there. I do like this part of my job, I just get paid like shit and unfortunately counseling has 0 upward movement. I’ve hit my plateu a looooonggg time ago. What’s my next move? Haha what are the careers of the future that I need to pivot to??

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