I’m 34. Contemplating leaving my 6 figure career to learn data science at a bootcamp. What’s your advice?

I started with a very small, 3 year old lighting company 9 years ago and have worked my way up, from data analyst to head of operations. I make a reasonable salary + performance bonus totaling about $135k. The experience has been valuable, but I’m languishing, and frustrated with ownership and their decisions. I need to get out.

My wife is also reasonably well paid, but is understandably nervous about being able to support us both while I figure out my next move. No kids yet but it’s on the horizon.

I started the job hunt 18 months ago for Director of Ops, Head of Ops, Ops Manager, Supply Chain Manager, and similar positions. Promising at times, though ultimately fruitless. I have a strong background in ops and tech which I thought would carry me further. I expect my BS in psychology and autodidactic nature is working against me here.

I know I need to make a move away from this company, and quickly, for my own sanity and for my career. I’ve outgrown where I am now.

I’m eyeing a well regarded bootcamp in either software engineering, or data science with a machine learning focus (intellectually both a good fit for me). Joining the program will mean leaving the workforce for 15 weeks starting in April 2023, plus however long it takes to find employment.

I’ve also looked at a few certifications, namely PMP and CSCP. I wonder if those would significantly help my job search if I stayed in manufacturing and operations.

My longer term goal is to earn an MBA and work in tech startups. I want to transform the world or die trying.

Every day at this company feels like a waste of precious little time.

What would you all do? Double down on the job hunt, get a PMP or CSCP certification, and try to find something “safe”? Chase this dream of being a tech entrepreneur? Something else?

How marketable are the best bootcamp certifications?

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