Where should I look for sales jobs to maximize compensation?

I’m a college student graduating in May 2023 looking for career advice. I am graduating with a BS in Business Administration (lol) and have worked for two years as a residential leasing agent. I’ve closed about $1.5 million in new lease contracts.

I want to work in sales/management, and for the next five years I plan on having little to no work life balance and want to max out earnings. I am currently working full time and go to school; I am incredibly comfortable and used to working 60+ hours/week. I have a few questions below, feel free to answer some or all. Thank you much in advance, I really appreciate any feedback.

* Where is the best place for me to start looking for these opportunities and what sort of comp should I expect with my experience?
* What sort of compensation split should I expect between a base salary/commission?
* What industry of sales (SaaS, medical device, real-estate) has the best return?
* Any red flags from the company that I should look out for during the interview process?

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