How do you know you’re ready for the leap?

Hello reddit, I hope you can provide some outside perspective or tell me I’m being silly.

I have a degree in Sustainability and have struggled to break into my sector for the past 4 years. I’m a military spouse and find myself having to start again career wise each time we move for a new posting eg we moved from London to North Scotland last year.

I’m currently an administrator and provide project support. The past few months have been incredibly stressful (I developed urticaria) and the whole team has struggled (crying in team meetings, sick leave due to stress, etc). The job also offers me no ability to work in projects I’m interested in (climate, conservation). In fact, because I’ve had so much put on my plate I’ve been excluded from any climate change stuff!

Because of this continued stress and inability to develop I started to look for jobs and applied for a Sustainability coordinator role for a college in Central Scotland. It was more of a gauge application as I saw myself as under qualified… but I got the job!!

The job would mean I’d have to relocate and live separately from my partner for up to a year. However, they’re coming to the end of their contract and will leave next year so this job could set us up and support us while he transitions to civvy life (another reason i applied). We could even look to get a mortgage as my new job is for a permanent full time role.

My worry is that there are talks of a climate hub coming to my local area, my work is leading the planning (but im not involved). I suppose I have fear of missing out on potentially being involved in a climate hub and what this could lead to. I also love my team but I know my professional confidence has taken a battering due to no growth or development opportunities.

This new job would pay £10k more and its a brand new team so there is so much we could do. It feels like the stars have aligned for me for this role. I know I can do and be more…

So why am I second guessing myself?

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