When should you start looking for new jobs when preparing to move in ~6 months?

So I plan on moving to a new city \~6 hours away next May/June and don’t know when to start looking for a job in said new city. I’ve only got about 6 months experience post-grad so far and will have a year of experience when moving, but I don’t know if I should try applying to jobs now and specify that I can’t start for 6 months, or wait until a month before I move to apply for new jobs. Most likely I’ll be applying for entry-ish level jobs as my career considers 1-3 years of experience as entry level. I’m not too worried about finding something as my job is very in demand and I have recruiters contact me all the time, I could move there today blind and have a job within two weeks. I’m just concerned if I should apply to stuff now or wait, and if applying now but saying I can’t start for a few month would turn off employers.

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