Am I being gaslighted to quit my job?

I started working for this company in 2019 as a consultant. Everything went well and they offered to recruit me directly in 2020. The pandemic comes, and at the same time a lot of changes in my personal life happens, most of it negative apart from marrying my fiancee. I get into a depression on 2021, and instead of talking a sick leave I keep working and it affects my work ethic. My nearest boss notices but when I told her about my issues she was very nice to me and told me to check my mental health. This happened in 2021. I got more motivated after getting some help and my work ethic starts coming back. In the end of 2021 I get diagnosed with adult ADD and depression. I start medication directly and in 2022 I performed better than all in my group. When it comes to results, I did 1,5x more jobs than the second in my group and almost double the worst guy.

So you can imagine my surprise when my new boss tells me I’m not doing enough. Not only that, he puts a bonus goal for the second half of 2022 that is impossible to reach, even if I’m working hard. His motivation is that he wants more from me and he has heard about my bad performance for a couple of months in 2021.

He also said he wants to help me find my place in the company, or if it’s better for me to find a place outside of the company.

Other than that he changes my tasks and gives me junior level tasks that I haven’t done since my first year. All of this in combination makes me wanna quit. I live in a mostly socialist country so it’s hard to fire me for no reason due to our laws, but I feel like that’s where this is going. Am I overthinking this? Is it normal to ask this much since I’ve improved a lot over the last year? Am I going to be halted in my career in this company for two bad quarters?

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