Does anyone feel like people (millennials, etc.) are lacking a purpose?

I feel like I have no idea what I want to be at 32. Zero idea. I have interests and personality traits that I can define but career wise I am at a total loss.

Is anyone else feeling like we are living in a more purposeless generation? Not to bring negativity here.

By the way, I did not mean to bring doom and gloom here. I just am starting to notice more purposeless people around me, just working their job so they can go back to their escape. Not too happy just waiting to punch out that clock.

I think, my opinion, besides a tougher job market that we fundamentally just do not know WHO we are. I’m working with career coaches and just writing down strengths and weaknesses to figure out who I am and what I envision my life being.

It can be done! I hope all of you, the purposeless ones like myself at the moment, find that career/entrepreneurship that will give you what you want so you can enjoy life and hobbies!

I don’t think we need to “follow our passions” but pick something you find you are good at or interests you, or learn a useful skill to mastery. You can always move on if that wasn’t for you. The point is take action! We got this.

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