Just quit due to burnout/depression. What now?

Hello, I (22M) just submitted by two weeks notice from my property management job of 6 months. This was my first professional job after graduating with an Economics degree, and the dreadful office environment combined with the insane pressure of the NYC housing market ruined my quality of life. I’ve very quickly found out that this industry is not for me, and the high pay wasn’t a good enough justification to keep living like this.

I’ve had depression for years throughout school, but now that I’m on my own and cut off from my support group I simply couldn’t handle my physical or mental symptoms properly. 12 hour days left me so wiped that most weekday nights or entire weekends were spent either excessively indulging in my vices or just laying in bed being depressed. I’m done living like this. So, even though my conservative parents were furious and didn’t understand, I quit.

So, now what? I’m going to take time over the holidays to get back on track physically, (Daily exercise, 3 meals a day, 8 hours sleep, proper hygiene, etc.) but beyond that I’m not really sure what else I can do to figure out my future.

What sort of jobs can I get with an Econ degree, a real estate salesperson license, and 6 months of management experience? Particularly something low stress that won’t make my anxiety/depression harder to manage. ❤️

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