Should I stay or should I go?

Hi gang, I’m in quite a sticky position and could use a few extra opinions.

In July, I accepted a new position in Toronto (currently live in Alberta). It came with a great increase of pay (20,000), great benefits and just an overall great opportunity for career advancement. It also came with a 5000 signing bonus.

The biggest hurdle was figuring out what we’d (my wife and I) do with our current house/life. We didn’t have a lot of time to figure things out, but we were confident that everything would eventually fall in-place, so we went for it.
The new job didn’t need me in the office for a few months and we even had a distant family member nearby that I could stay with until we found something more permanent, together. We thought we could rent our house out, and simply get an apartment for the both of us in the new year.
Bing Bang boom! Easy peasy!

Fast forward to today, and… Not so much lol

-The family spot fell through, without any real reason, midway through our agreement term and now I’m in a position where I have to look for a place (just for me) until my wife is ready to come out (TBD).
My work has let me come back home until I’m able to find something new. They made me sign a contract with HR about returning to the office in the new year, but I’m sure it was all just posturing.
So essentially I’m back in alberta until the new year, when they expect me to return to Toronto full time in January.

-finding a rental unit in/around Toronto is almost impossible with the budget that I currently have (850/month is max).
Even if I found something in time, I would essentially be making 0 money if I try and juggle both housing units at once. My budget would be completely dried up but all my bills/long term savings would still be covered.

-my wife doesn’t have anything lined up in Toronto yet so her timeline is completely unpredictable. She’s having second thoughts about leaving our home and I don’t blame her, so I’m not pushing her in any direction and I’m just trying to get my stuff sorted out.

-i kinda sorta love my wife and the life we have in Alberta. No, I don’t like our current politics etc, but I like this province as a whole and I don’t necessarily want to leave? I’m used to travelling for work but we just bought a house a couple years ago and.. I don’t wanna! Lol

So I’m left with a couple options:

-find a room anyways, take a hit for approx 6 months when I can then reevaluate the situation and proceed accordingly. Maybe quitting and finally moving back home? But maybe that means staying in Toronto even longer? Who knows.

-tell my boss that I underestimated the current housing climate and because my plans fell through, I’m no longer able to afford the move and have to refuse the position. I would insist on continuing to work remotely (which is extremely successful) until a replacement can be found.

Can you guys think of any other options I could take?
Or how I would go about these ideas? Even the thought of talking to my boss about the change of plans is extremely daunting.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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