Lost all motivation to work. What should I do?

By all accounts, I have it made. I make a good salary (close to 6 figures at 24 years old), work at a stable company with good culture, and have amazing coworkers. Literally everything is perfect… except the work. I work in analytics, and by god I don’t know why I thought this career was right for me.

I find myself so bored and turned off by the work I struggle to find the motivation to complete even basic tasks. When I started, I was very gung ho and it was all still very new to me. Now that i’ve settled into things and taken on additional responsibilities. Wow. I absolutely HATE my job. Like, to the core. Every part of my job I hate. I think I’ve reached the end of the line here after 1 year and 4 months. My boss just reamed into me for leaving him with a bunch of work I was supposed to get done before I left for PTO. He was 100% right to be upset.

I don’t know how long I can continue this. Practically speaking though, I can’t quit. For one, I pay about $2k a month combined in bills, expenses, and loan payments. I don’t have any savings to speak of. I still have till the end of March for my lease. Technically I could try to make ends meet doing Uber Eats or something to barely scrape by and try to grow my business (career coaching, very early stages, barely any money in it right now). But I think the fact that I quit such a lucrative opportunity will forever haunt me.

I could try to find another job in my field, but I have lost any and all passion in my line of work. I could try to switch into a field related to career coaching or something recruiting/hiring related which I would actually enjoy, but i’m worried I don’t have the time to get the experience necessary. Someone please help guide me in the right direction. Thanks so much in advance.

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