New grad debating job offers: is FAANG worth a pay-cut and relocation?

Hi! I will be graduating soon, and have been fortunate enough to land two 2-year rotational finance offers at big tech companies. The problem is: I’m lost as to which opportunity I want to pursue more due to pros and cons for both, and would appreciate any insight that anyone has for someone just starting off their career.

Offer 1: FAANG company. I would have to relocate for this one, they don’t allow me to negotiate my salary or location at all, and the total compensation is surprisingly less than that of my other offer. I probably would not want to stay here long term. However, because it is a FAANG company, I feel as if the name and environment would strengthen my resume a lot and make the process easier when I do decide to pursue future opportunities.

Offer 2: Another large tech company, just not FAANG. Higher salary (that I can negotiate) and I could stay close to my friends/SO since I wouldn’t have to relocate. I’ve also interned here before so I know I like the environment and the culture. However, this is a company that is undergoing a lot of structural changes right now due to COVID, and is definitely less stable financially than my FAANG offer. I also already have this company on my resume with the internship, so I don’t know if it’s more worth it to take the risk and paycut for a new experience at FAANG, or go somewhere that I know I’ll like at a company that isn’t doing too strongly in this economy.

Note: rotational program at FAANG is also well established, but completely new at Offer #2.

TLDR: is the FAANG name worth trying out/worth a paycut and relocation?

Thank you!

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