Should I go for a bachelors or a PG diploma?

Hi, I’m a dentist. I graduated last year with a bachelors.I realized midway through the degree that it was not meant for me. I completed it still. The job prospects in my country are very bad. In the meantime, I started learning SQL and networking, just to test the waters and I started liking it. I’ve developed an interest in computer science especially cybersecurity. But I’m not sure, if cybersecurity is the one for me because its too early to decide. I’m not eligible for any entry level tech jobs and I’m getting turned down because I don’t have a STEM degree.

I have a few options:
Option 1: I could go for a bachelor’s in computer science, learn programming on the side and then get certifications if I’m really interested in cybersecurity

Option 2: I could get a diploma in computer science/ IT/cybersecurity

I’m not sure how to proceed.
I’d like to know your inputs. Thanks in advance!

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