What’s the best career choice for my girlfriend?

Hey all!

My girlfriend is currently at a crossroads in deciding on a direction in which she’d like to take her career and what type of roles might fit her preferred career profile the best. I’d like to help her as best as I can. Unfortunately I’m an engineer and every career I know anything about is fairly technical, and the technical side isn’t something she’s super interested in anymore. Having started to run out of ideas, I thought a good way to get the ball rolling would be to put together this post.

A little bit about her:
She’s currently an IT major going into her final year of studies and she’s starting to realize that she is more interested in business and corporate strategy than IT. She plans on pursuing her MBA down the road, and originally intended to work in product management or data science / analytics for a technology company. The rationale behind this train of thought was that she would be able to leverage her IT knowledge in conjunction with data insights to inform business decisions and strategy to direct a product towards a particular direction, whether that be increased profitability or larger social impact. However, as mentioned previously, she’s grown out of the technical side of things and isn’t very interested in the nitty gritty associated with something like data science but is much more interested in big picture thinking.

She’s always been more business minded and is very interested in all aspects of business. In particular she’s really interested in how businesses are run and how the various facets of a business work together to make an impact on the world and push the envelope in the domain said company works in. She’s a big picture thinker for sure and is more interested in seeing how to operate and interact with the various parts of a business than she is getting deep into the weeds in one particular hyper-specialized job function. To me, this translates to product manager / project manager, but that’s because those are the only two careers I’m aware of that are somewhat related to this.

We were talking earlier this evening and she said she’d be really interested in corporate strategy. She would like a job where every day is different, and isn’t one for the daily grind of doing the same thing over and over. Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with roles that are related to this, which is why I’m here asking for some guidance!

If you can suggest some roles that align with her background, future aspirations and career preferences, that’d be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all!

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