Boss said some awful stuff, is it time to leave?

I’ve been at this company for less than a year. I was hired as 1 of 3 people to help get a new department started. Since it would only be a couple of us I understood that I would need to wear multiple hats, but I was under the impression once we got enough work we would be allowed to hire more people for help so it would all be temporary.

Back in august I noticed my plate was overflowing so I put together a layout of my day to day and my projection for where mine and my coworkers load was headed and the jobs titles we need to hire for in order to be successful going forward. I warned them that I was already starting to chase my own tail making small mistakes and having to fix them because I wasn’t having the time to put focus on one thing at a time and it would only get worse.

They offered a bandaid solution and my days went on. I eventually learned to live with the workload and adapted to new tasks added to my plate.

I recently made a pretty big mistake, but it was over a project I had to take extremely last minute because my boss (who agreed to handle it) never started it, causing us to fall very behind on this project. I rushed to get it done and ended up making a pretty costly error but I found the lowest cost solution for it all without help even though it was not my project to begin with.

Anyways, fast forward to today I overheard a conversation between my boss and coworker. They both agreed that I don’t actually have that much work to do and any stress I do have is caused by my own mistakes. My boss specifically said “she keeps making these fucking mistakes to clean up” And my coworker said “I don’t think she realizes she’s the writer of her own issues”.

Just completely downplaying all that I do and saying all the issues are my fault.

After hearing this I’ve been completely unmotivated and under appreciated. After getting the opinion of another coworker, who said he would cuss them out if it was about him. I decided to send an email at the end of the day with a “root cause analysis” type report of how my mistakes so far have been made and how I found solutions to them. Reminding them that the most recent one was not my responsibility in the first place

And then did a rough outline of my day to day and bullet points of all my responsibilities. And reminding them that part of my job is supposed to be out in the field (full time) but the stuff I deal with in the office alone is enough to fill an entire 40 hour work week. Proven when I was injured for 2 weeks and was forced to only be in office.

My question is: is it just time to leave? They obviously don’t think I do much except make mistakes. I’ve asked for help and I’ve been denied, I’ve asked for a raise and been denied and now they are talking negatively about me behind my back.

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