What should I do differently this time around?

I (29F) recently started a new job, for context I switched career tracks after pursuing a higher degree to follow my passion after years working at a dead job at a toxic work environment that left me depressed and in therapy.

So since I started out at the bottom at this new job I am mostly surrounded by new grads straight out of college on their first jobs. Almost everyone is very vocal and confident – on multiple occasions when they’ve been put on the spot, they’ve been able to navigate/bluff their way out of it through sheer confidence alone – without knowing the actual answers etc. I admit I’m jealous, this really is a superpower!

Soon after I joined however I got paired with a senior member on the team as did the others. Another team member (a new grad) who joined at the same time I did (we are at the same level/role) has a very easy going attitude and hardly takes on any work, but is immensely vocal about doing a lot esp at our team meetings and when our manager is around. This seems to be the common practice that is adopted by the other new grads on the team as well. Since the manager is relatively new to the job he doesn’t have much oversight into the work that everyone is doing and just believes this to be true. The senior team member I’m tagged with constantly says he’s overworked and hands over tasks to me. After pushing back on this I was assigned to a separate team, under the same manager, but again within a month the same requests started trickling in through the manager this time around. Now I’m stuck doing work for the both the teams!! I’m at my wits end always pushing back on the same issue time and again.

The other new grads are hardly given any tasks by their mentors and keep being vocal about all the work that they doing, no one cares. The manager doesn’t assign them any of this work as they are tagged to different platforms that are more stable compared to the one that I was initially assigned to.

I feel that it is I who is doing something wrong or needs to change here. I always seem to find myself begging for support/assistance with the workload/other issues that makes me look inefficient compared to the others. What do I do differently to handle this situation?

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