Accidentally Interviewed for Managers job. Odds of getting it?

I’ve been miserable in my job for a while now. I’ve posted here about it. Yesterday I had a job interview. When I was applying for jobs, I was mostly applying for library assistant roles. But, in a fit of desperation, I guess I applied for a managers position too. The thing is, the job sounds ideal for me. It suits my work/life balance needs right now and would obviously pay better. I really hyped myself up for wanting it. I had the interview via zoom yesterday. Minutes before the interview, I reread the email and noticed it said library manager role. I almost shat myself.

The interview went quite well. I acknowledged my lack of manager experience but emphasised my work that most reflected a managers role. They said I’d hear back about the second round in a while.

Now I really want this job. But I didn’t really anticipate actually getting called for a managers interview and now that I have, I’m wondering how likely I’ll be to actually get it.

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