Burnt out and desperate to leave company but now a better role came up, stick it out or walk?

Ive been working for the same company for 5 years now on a work visa which means my right to stay in the country is dependent on me working for the company. I really liked the work at first and was learning a lot. I got promoted every two years and am now ‘sit’ day to day with a different team to advise them and only interact with my actual team in occasional online meetings.

This last year though ive become completely burnt out and lost respect for the company management. Im no longer learning, I have no support and the work I have to do feels better suited to a junior staff member. Theres a whole lot that has contributed to this, particularly my main stakeholder at work who is a nightmare to work with and has been incredibly disrespectful. In short, my once sparkling mental health is now in the tubes and I loath going to work to the point of falling into a depression.

I will soon be applying for permanent settlement which will take away the requirement to stay with the company but realistically its still months before i could start looking for work. I had been counting down the days until i could start applying for new jobs but then got thrown a curveball. They have created a new role in my dept which would be a no brainer for me were I not so disillusioned.

The new role would be a decent pay rise, would be working on the kind of work I used to enjoy and dont get to do with my current role and it wouldn’t be working with the team/person that ive had so many issues with. Id also be able to gain experience in some areas im lacking so it would set me up nicely for a future company move. Pay is also higher than anything id get external and i have reason to believe i have a strong chance of getting it (reports to my current manager who has trained and mentored me the whole time ive been with the company, no other internal candidates and i haven’t seen it advertised externally).

Im now stuck with indecision…do I stick to my guns and go in search of better options for my mental health outside the company, even if that means staying in my current role until i can leave in up to 6 months? Or do I apply and see if its enough to make me enjoy work again?

Im afraid of getting stuck with this company but also afraid of passing up a good opportunity. What would you do Reddit??

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