Hold a degree on Biz Accounting, but have always been interested in IT. Should I proceed?

I didn’t do well in my degree partially because 1) depression 2) had no liking to the course whatsoever 3) didn’t really get it even when I paid attention. I got a gpa of 2.3. Upon working, I struggled but I realise if I had put just a bit more effort I’d actually be able to work in this field, given how 60% of what I do at work wasn’t taught at school so I did a lot of self-learning.

I had to choose business accounting because of circumstances that day. I’m not sure where to go from here. I was planning on doing an MBA but I’m worried that I won’t be able to cope. I feel like the only way i could get better at accounting is through online courses or going back to school. Masters in accounting is redundant unless I wanna teach.

Whilst having the prior thoughts, I wondered if I should might aswell go for IT if I’m thinking of spending the next year or 2 studying, and actually do something I have some interest in. I’m even considering CS because it goes a bit more in depth, but I think I might choose IT if CS is too mathematical/statistical. Problem here is, I’ve no prior experience in coding/programming. (Currently I’m in very beginner courses from shecodes, udemy intro to CS/JAVA/HTML and a yet-to-begin Harvard CS50).

Please share any thoughts/opinions you have on this. I feel so lost. Thank you in advance.

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