How to followup six rounds of interviews for director level position?

I made it through six rounds of interviews. A few panel interviews, VPs, and EVPs. During the sixth interview we both agreed that the initial position had evolved into a larger role throughout the interviews. I was even told “we are trying to decide who needs you more on their team.”

It has been seven days since the last interview. I have followed up with all necessary parties including the HR director who had been handling the interview process (post introduction). I missed an opportunity after the last interview to ask about timing, rather I just offered my availability for outstanding questions.

I want to follow up with the HR/Talent Acquisition team tomorrow. What should I say, if anything? Is this common to wait for a week without an update? I realize this might be a red flag for some reading this. This is a publicly traded startup in an exciting emerging market. All executives were open about the disorganized nature of the business right now and part of my role would be to add order to the chaos.


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