How would you describe my job?

Hello! I’m a 24/M working in the public sector for a health organization. My title is data analyst/research analyst.

My work consists of:
– Supporting organization operations (planning material orders, forecasting needs).
– Assisting with budget planning.
– Reconciling/overseeing and partaking AP/AR operations.
– Conducting basic data analysis using excel to provide organizational insights to leadership. Offer general recommendations/insights in meetings for planning purposes.
– I also can be a “retail success manager” of sorts for the program. I interface with a-lot of our external vendors to ensure we’re in good standing.

What do these responsibilities translate to title wise in a corporate setting? I’ve explored data analyst, financial analyst, and jr. accounting roles but besides the lack of my relevant degree I’m unsure if I can leverage my experience into any of these gigs.

Edit: I make decent cash but live in a HCOL area. I am coming up on 2 YOE in this full time role and want to begin exploring opportunities so I don’t accidentally pigeonhole myself.

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