I’m questioning the path that I’m on and am wondering if anyone has ever done a full 180 in their late 20’s early 30’s?

I’m a (26M) professional dancer that has been training since the age of 11. I consider myself fairly successful. I’ve had some incredible experiences like touring the USA, doing a tv show, toured parts of Europe and now in a prestigious company in NYC. I sometimes feel like I missed out on my childhood and some adventures, skills and hobbies that I would of enjoyed.

I have always felt like an outsider especially since I’ve been recently building interest in scientific fields, and I tend to be more logical then most of my creative colleagues. I can’t tell if my differences are what makes me a standout member of the community or if it’s an indication to pursue a career in a community with like minded individual’s.

Has anyone done a complete 180 in their career choice? Did you regret it?

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