Should I transfer from 4-year to CC to pursue an allied health field?

Hi all,

I’m a college sophomore that has been doing some soul-searching for the past four months, and I am considering what feels like a radical decision. I’m currently majoring in music at a very prestigious college in the north. I am not all that technically skilled, but I have a knack for composing (8+ years experience) and wanted to write film, game, podcast, etc. scores for a living.

However, as I’m engaging more and more with music, I’m realizing I don’t have the drive or passion to succeed in this field. It pays poorly, it’s ridiculously competitive, it takes loads of work, etc. Plus I don’t enjoy music technology, which is nearly essential for composers these days. In addition, I simply don’t feel drawn to any other majors that my college offers, and I’ve experimented with four other disciplines.

What does interest me is allied health, particularly clinical lab science. I happen to live near a good community college that offers CLS, in addition to some other majors I’m considering (radiography, sonography, MRI imaging). I am primarily drawn to lab science because it’s hands-on, behind-the-scenes, medicine-related, and methodical. It’s also a highly stable career (national job shortage) and pays decent (not great, but money is not particularly important to me).

What worries me is that hard science has never been my favorite subject. I excel in STEM (especially the SM), and always have, but the interest isn’t super strong. I also fear that I’ll be a bit secluded/lonely living at home and attending CC. And there’s the angle that my parents may worry about me not using my innate talents and going for something completely different.

Any advice? Thanks!

P.S. As an aside, some other loose interests I have are paralegal studies, forensics, and cybersecurity.

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