Stay or leave. What would you do?

Current role have been in for 5+ years. I’m a director and have been asked if I want to purchase shares.

MD and owner both 65+ and cagey when it comes to the future. I can buy 5% for not a lot of money with an option to buy more on date of sale (if this ever comes).

Current salary around £80k but I’m bored and there is no progression. Over the years I’ve been at the company I’ve managed to move some things on but the MD is so adverse to change and it’s always ‘let’s look at that next year’

I believe I could get another role paying more money but I’ve been waiting for something to happen for a long time and not sure if I should aim high for a next role or stick it out. Only issue is I feel as though I’m waiting for them to become unable to work due to their age.

The uncertainty and no real answer regarding the future is making me uneasy as well as realistically they could live another 20 years and have not sold/moved anything on.

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