Which SDR Role Should I Take?

I am struggling to make a decision between my current role and a position I am interviewing for. I am going to use fabricated numbers (within 15% of accuracy) to protect my identity

Current Role:
– 60k Salary, 90k OTE
– Additional ~$25,000/yr in travel pay
– Hotel & Credit Card awards due to travel, probably equates to an extra $2k-3k/yr

– My manager is literally the kindest human you could ever meet and does not micromanage me
– New(ish) division in an established company so I can easily move to AE equivalent in 18 months
– Cool coworkers and work environment
– Less work due to excessive travel

– Compensation not clearly explained beforehand – capped commission given out quarterly, ranges from 4-12k quarter based on performance. Capped at 12k (again a fabricated number
– WAY TOO MUCH F***KING TRAVEL — I was told I’d have ONE city as my territory and moved to that city. A few months after training I was given my official territory… my CLOSEST territory is 200 miles away and stretches to nearly 1,000 miles!!! I spend 2-3 nights in a hotel and routinely drive over 1,000 miles
– Poor work/life balance. Usually work 55-65 hours a week in 5 days due to the excess travel
– I could not care less about the product I am selling. It is super niche and doesn’t fit my personal interests
– Running out of leads – less than 400 applicable companies in my territory and I’ve called all of them several times in the last 6 months
– I have to cold walk into businesses 3 days a week. Cold calling and emailing is fine but this really sucks, especially when you have no actual meetings scheduled for the day
– Expected to hit same activity metrics as my peers (sales numbers vary territory to territory) who travel way less. A good friend of mine has over 900 potential customers in a territory 1/8th the size…

Role I am interviewing for:
– 68k Salary/100K OTE

– Super interesting technology I am passionate about
– Uncapped commission paid monthly
– Ability to advance to AE within 24 months
– Established company that is recognized globally
– More warm leads
– ZERO TRAVEL!!! Hybrid work, only 1 day in office required a week (I will likely go 2-3 anyways)

– I will be making $1,800 less a month immediately due to my average travel compensation after gas and tolls. This is especially bad because I’m about to take a $10k loan to help a loved one (see previous posts I know this is stupid but it’s a dire situation)
– We are entering a recession and this is a tech company
– Rolling the dice on a new manager and being micro managed
– I’ve never had the option to work from home and I am not sure how much I’ll like it for 2-3 days a week. I’m an office guy as of now
– Will have to invest roughly 15% of my savings into new desk equipment (chair, monitor, etc)

What would you do? *MAIN* concern is the $1,800 less a month from travel pay as I am about to take out a big loan. The person, of course, promised to pay it off within 6 months, but we’ll see.

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