Can someone please tell me why I’m being terminated for lack of work at my job?

Hello, I’m looking for some advice on my current situation at work. I’ve been here for nearly 5 years and in the last 6 months a lot has changed. I was moved into a new department at the start of 2022 when my previous department was closed. For the past 11 months I’ve been working my ass off trying to learn as much as I can to be successful in this new department. During every 1:1 with my direct manager, I’ve been told I’m doing well and to be patient because it takes time to learn everything that goes into this department. Over the summer, my office merged with a larger office so now we have more than double the amount of employees on my team. The culture tanked after the merger and over the last 2 months, at least 5 people were let go/terminated and about 4-5 others took another job and left on their own. (They saw the writing on the wall.) Then last Tuesday I got the call I never thought I would: I am no longer needed on the team and will be exited by the end of November. The first reason I was given is that there isn’t enough work for me to be successful in my job anymore. I would be better suited in a more corporate environment. After I got over the initial shock, I spoke to my boss again the next day and asked if this is considered a layoff due to lack of work. I was told, “No, you’re being terminated for not reaching goals. We thought you would have been further along by now.” Here are my questions: 1. Do I have grounds to sue my employer for wrongful termination? (Keep in mind that they are very strategic and only put certain stuff in writing. They didn’t want a paper trail of me being told I’m doing well or not. My guess is they wanted to have the ability to fire me and me not see it coming or have the ability to use those emails against them.) 2. Why do companies want to keep layoffs a secret to the point of DENIAL? (My assumption is that since this is a publicly traded company, they don’t want to announce layoffs because they want their shareholders to think the company isn’t losing money and they also want to keep their reputation intact. Ever since the pandemic, they have said that we never experienced layoffs and we never will. “Our business is always booming” is basically their motto.) I’ve accepted that I’m leaving here soon. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m being terminated instead of laid off. Especially since I’m such a hard worker and have always gone above and beyond here. Plus I’m very well liked. I run our Culture Committee, I’m the go-to for our internal system migration (Liaison between the developers and trainers and my team), and my boss knows I always work extra hours (even though I’m a salaried employee). I just want to know what my rights are to fight this. I don’t want to stay in my job, I just want their termination off my record. It’s not my fault we have lack of work. Why should I be punished for something that’s outside of my control?

BTW: They’re still going to give me unemployment.

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