Is it too early to change my career field?

Hey everyone, I would like to change careers and I wanted some advise. So I’m 24 and I’ve been working in IT for 3 years and I would like to change my career field to accounting or business management. I’m researching right now which career I would like to go into before going back to school. I’m probably going to go to WGU for one of the two. But I’m worried that employers will look down on the fact that I only stayed in this field for 3 years before going back to school for something else. I got my IT degree in 2019 and if I go back to school next year in 2023 and finish early (WGU allows you to do that) say in 2025 I graduate, employers will not like how I changed careers so soon. They may also not like I finished my bachelor’s degree early too since a Bachelor’s degree is 4 years and not 2. I’m not saying I’ll be done in 2 years I’m just using it as an example. So if I went back next year will employers look down on me for switching career’s so early or will they not care? Will they also look down on me for finishing my bachelor’s degree early? I know I’m still young at 24, so I know I’m not too late to change my career filed. My question is am I too early to change it? Or will employers think I’m too early to change it? Any advice would be appreciated!

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