What advice can anyone provide for a CSM to Product Manager transition?

Hello! I have been in Customer Success for about 6 years now, and am really hating my current role. I have been at my new company for only about 6 months, but it has really drained me and made me rethink my career path.

My current role is heavily focused on upsell, and I feel like I need to go into every customer call trying to sell something, which I despise. I am fine with more organic upsell that I was used to in my previous job, but the goals we’ve set for upsell/cross-sell are ridiculous, and every internal CS meeting revolves around perfecting our sales pitches.

I’ve always enjoyed collaborating closely with my product teams, and thought maybe that could be a better fit. Does anyone have experience making this transition? I appreciate any advice or course recommendations that would help me!

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