(29F) I am wondering how do you deal with working with a snake?


I am wondering how do you deal with working with a snake? I work in an office and that is difficult enough. The employer has always hired sketchy people but never had issues. I have been here 5 years and 2 weeks ago she hired two people who know one another. \*Red flag\* This is a family business so for them to hire two people consecutively that know each other is already a brew for drama. Then comes the drama… the new Karen told the owner that she sometimes smells pot and mind you we work around three pot shops. I don’t smoke but my boss did ask me about it. I have smelled weed here before I told her but not from me. It just opened my eyes that this new Karen is a snitch, and she did not even see anyone, so we are going off her smell? She stormed out of the office in a mood, and I guess someone told the boss and she was upset about that so what now she is going to be a mole? Try to throw fake news at the owners? We live in the Bay I am sure some of the people here probably do smoke but mind your business. I am looking for a new placed to work asap.

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