About to graduate. no idea what im doing?

So next year I’ll officially graduate. I studied computer science bcs well my family just rolled me in, cause I couldn’t get into medical school and it was expensive.(it’s very common for a family to decide what the children choose in my country) I’m fairly confident I’ll graduate cause what we are taught is theory n stuff so like anyone can just pass.
Im on top of my classes but its no help. I only know basics. Our countries education system is shit so anyone with good enough english and a little preparation can do what I did.
My problem now is that I have no clue where I’m headed now.I have a friend and I see how he knows his shit. Like he really knows what the heck is going on and what is what. Then I see myself who has no freaking idea as to what I’ll be doing next.
I know a little programming (tiniest bit) and only the whats what of web dev.
I always end up thinking why a company would choose me if they have a ton of candidates like my friend.
My interest was psychology and i could have done it if my family let me choose BA. Which they did not and now nothing can be done about it. I like talking to people explaining stuff and having a job where I can use my speech and not just stare at a computer all day long. Im rambling now.
So the question here is what the heck do I do? Like do I perseu my masters and just work hard to learn the ropes? Is there any career option related to computer science that would be more interactive? I have no idea what im asking for.
I can’t seem to motivate myself to learn online which ik is my fault but I have this “woe is me” mindset I can’t seem to get rid of. Like I want to kick myself but even that is a chore for my lazy ass. And the fact that I’m a girl from a very traditional household means my times always ticking. Where I come from there is no way in heck that a girl is staying single and unmarried past 25. I don’t know what to do. Where to move forward and how. Im already 21 and don’t have much time. My family also hopes that I will be making money now that I’m done with my bachelor’s and they seem to think grades alone r just enough. I love them they have done everything for me but like who the hell will give me, of all people, a job.
Recently heard about teaching in the middle east and how its very beneficial for women. But even that is out of my reach(BA is a must). I just wish I can figure something out for myself before it’s too late.

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