I’m 17, about to go into college and love global studies, but don’t want to work for the federal government. Any career suggestions?

Hi, so sorry I hope this kind of question is appropriate to ask here!

I love learning languages and other cultures. I’ve always loved the idea of a normal 9-5 government job incorporating those interests so I can feel good about the work I do and still have time for my other interests. But I don’t want a huge federal government job where I’m always on the move. I also don’t want to work from home. I really like local government, but I don’t think there are any international relations etc kinds of jobs there. I was wondering if anyone had advice or some other fields to look into, perhaps some track I didn’t know about before. I’m sorry if I’m inexperienced, I know in college my interests will probably change but having something to do some research on might be helpful. If I missed anything, please feel free to let me know. Thank you so much, I really really appreciate your time!

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