Advice on getting company to approve my contractually provided time off?

I’m burnt out. My marketing job has been requiring 50-60 hour works most weeks for the past 4 months, not including weekend work. It’s frankly an abusive work environment where I pay severely in wrath for every personal commitment I’ve had (doctor appointments, plans after normal working hours) because unrealistic and last minute deadlines are piled onto me and my supervisors say I’m “making excuses” and “not committed” when I try to work out something reasonable for non urgent asks. When I bring up the burnout, they act like that isn’t a thing at all OR tell me it’s my own fault for managing my time poorly. My physical and mental health are really suffering.

Ive only used a very small amount of the meager vacation allotted and requested a few days in December. This request was ignored by HR and my manager said “We’ll see about that” when I said I put the request in. She says things are too busy and questions my judgment that I’d even request time off.

What else can I say to push their hand — either get them to give me the vacation my contract grants me or get some other type of burnout relief?

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