How do I get out of hospitality?

Hey everyone,

I’m exhausted of working in hospitality. How can I get out of it?

A little background on me: I got into this path after dropping out of art school (looking back, insanely dumb move) to do freelance photography and music gigging in the future. To support myself I worked a lot of customer facing jobs, from luxury retail to fine dining. I’ve developed a lot of customer facing skills and have made great connections along the way but truthfully would really like to apply this elsewhere while also making better money.

Hospitality, in all of its forms, will age you. Fast. I loved working the Le Bains and Peter Lugers of NYC but I’ve taken up bad habits.

I want to do what I love which is photography and music but these things don’t pay well if you’re not actively getting gigs and I have this crippling fear of hating the very things I love if I turn it into a job where I depend on it to make a living.

I have looked into tech sales. I was so close to landing a really good job but as my luck would have it, they rejected me. After a while I got demotivated. I also love tech and considered either getting certifications in IT for a practical job as well as working for camera stores and other places but I just feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have too many interests and my adhd brain can’t focus on one to make something of it. I don’t have a four year degree but lots of people experience. If anyone has any advice/personal experiences I would love to know. Thanks so much!

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