I took a lot of brief seasonal internships during my time in college, and some employers think I am a job hopper, is there anything I can do to fix how employers can see me?

Hi, when I was in college, I majored in a 5-year Bachelor’s program for architecture. One of the credit requirements was that I work with a firm(s) for 500 hours in order to fulfill the needs for my degree.

From 2017 to 2020, I did multiple internships with different firms and simply worked with what I got because the field was very competitive. I worked with a couple of independent architects, but then they stopped receiving clients because they were so small and not well-known. Then I did a Summer internship and I was strongly encouraged to come back after I graduated, but then the pandemic hit.

Since then I sort of struggled to find work. I was employed in 2021 to April of this year, when my boss had to lay off several employees because they were receiving fewer clients.

I explicitly state in my resume which positions are internships that I took during my time in school, and I explain that after I graduated in 2020 I have been struggling to find a job in my field as a reason for employment gaps. I have been applying for jobs outside my field too, such as retail where this issue comes up.

For retail positions, they never explicitly state why they chose not to move forward with me. I get a lot of advice saying that it could be because of my past jobs, my degree, where I live, lack of retail experience, etc.

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