My lease ends end of February & my partner and I are thinking about moving a few hours away. I’ll be leaving my job of 5 years to do this. I want to use my PTO up before leaving.. Is this a dick move?

The hardest part about this is leaving the company I’ve spent a lot of time at and building relationships with, I want to leave on good terms. Is it a rude move to use up all my PTO right before giving my notice incase they deny letting me use it after they’ve already received my notice?
If so, how do I go about asking if I can still use it in the same conversation?
I’m thinking about taking a week or so off beginning of the year to hunt for jobs in the area we’re planning to move to.
Another question I have on this is I’m worried my potential employers will call my boss for reference before I’ve given the notice. Can I ask them to wait to contact him?
I respect my employer and I don’t want to put anyone in a rough position with me leaving (we’re short on employees as is), is a 4 week notice okay or should I give them more time?
Any advice on how to handle this would be appreciated. This is the longest I’ve worked at a company and also my first time moving this far away.

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